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All aboard the Manchester Waxi!

If you're not sure what a Waxi is, it's a WAter taXI and our "able seaman", McDuckFace recently went aboard the Waxi and gave it 10/10.

McDuckFace booked a return journey from INTU Trafford Centre to Castlefield, using the straight forward "McrWaxi" app which is available to download from the Apple Store.

McDuckFace highly recommends this as a fun journey to do with a loved one or with kids of all ages. The journey lasts 45minutes each way and will take you along routes you've probably never seen before.

If you book the same route as McDuckFace did, then drive into the Barton Square carpark at the INTU Trafford Centre and at the furthest point of the carpark, directly facing Barton Square there is a green gate which leads to the canal. This is where the Waxi will pick you up from, and it will approach from the right hand side. You will see the Waxi poster on the cctv post.

The Waxi has a covered seating area and it was warm inside "below decks" despite being a cold day outside. It was great learning a bit about the canal networks from the drivers Anthony & Dougie, who were both very friendly and informative "skippers", their service was well "above board".

Once you get into Castlefield you will be near dukes 92. This is a few minutes walk away from the Museum of Science and Industry. So if you get the 10am Waxi you will arrive just before 11am, you could easily spend 2 hours exploring MOSI and get the 1pm return Waxi. If you wanted to explore town a bit further, then the last return Waxi is at 3pm.

It really is a great alternative way to get to town, it saves on paying for parking and is a must try for everyone.

Let us know what you thought of your Waxi ride by tagging @AltrinchamDuck in your tweet to @ManchesterWAXIS.

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