Altrincham Duck recently received an invite from Dude & Dudettes, to sample some chilli jam! So we sent McDuckFace along to Altrincham Town Centre to meet Darren from Dude & Dudettes.  

Be advised though, McDuckFace breaks a sweat after eating a bell pepper or anything over 0 on the Scoville scale! So he arranged the jars in order of what he expected would be the coolest to hottest, prepared emergency supplies such as plain crackers and water, and obviously posed for a picture before starting to pop the lids and sample the jam! 

First up was the "limited mint edition" chilli jam, surprisingly this seemed to be the spiciest of the 5 jars and It also tasted the sweetest too, there was subtle hints of mint, but McDuckFace may have panicked and washed this one down a little too quickly to really notice the mint.

Thankfully he was able to handle the "Garlic", "Mild" & "Original" jams without any issues. They were all less sweet than the mint one and the amount of garlic was just right too.

His favourites were the "Mild" and "Original" chilli jams, the original didn't feel too much spicer than the "Mild" and will probably be the one that he ends up buying regularly.

The "Hot" Dude & Dudettes chill jam was a little too spicy for McDuckFace, it started off ok, but then the heat kicked in and lasted longer than the "Mild" or "Original", but it would work well as a delightful spread on a steak sandwich or burger.

It's worth highlighting that all of the chilli jams tasted are:

Free from preservatives or colouring.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Gluten free.

Gelatine free.

Fat free.

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