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So tell us a bit more about why the Altrincham Swimming club was set up?
The club was set up in May 1992 (1month before I was born!) It was set up to give opportunities to those who completed swimming lessons and wanted to extend their swimming opportunities. It is now a competitive club that competes across the North West.

What ages do you cater for?
We aim to cater for all! Our youngest members are around 7 years old - we don't tend to get many much younger as they need the time to pass through lessons. We recommend swimmers to be in stage 7 or above. Our eldest swimmers currently are around 20years old, a masters group is certainly an option in the future.

Are you looking for new members? If so any special age group?
We are always looking for new faces and new talent. All age groups are welcome to have a try and see if swimming is for them. We tend to see less boys due to the demand in other sports such as football and rugby. Swimming is a great sport and one everyone should consider trying competitively.

Does it cost a lot?
It depends on the group. The more sessions you swim, the more it costs. The top group train 5 times a week and also have 2 gym based sessions and pay around £42 per month. This is excellent value considering the rise in pool hiring costs
What is the best way to contact you?

Have you ever taught a duck to swim?

Do you know what? I have...if you include ducklings! I used to work as a swimming instructor at Sale Leisure Centre during my University days. I've taught many ducklings (under 3s). They are a joy and always keep you on your toes! If we're talking about an actual duck, then I think i'd struggle teaching a feathery friend to swim the butterfly. If I manage it, it's a certain feature on Britain's Got Talent!

When doing a cream tea, do you put cream on top of the jam, or jam on top of the cream?
I'm going for the messy approach - who cares about appearance really? It all goes down the same way. Throw it in the cup and stir it up. Taste sensation. When it comes to scones, then it has to be cream on top - its always better to overload the cream than the jam. Nobody ever asks for extra jam...cream all the way!

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